Highland Capital Corporation:
COVID-19 Relief Program

HCC is committed to assisting you, our customer, through these difficult times with a possible deferment of your monthly payment.

Contact HCC at the e-mail address below so that we, in accordance with the governance of the Federal government, can offer you the Covid-19 related relief package mentioned above.

Please Include:

  • Contract Number(s)
  • Name on Contract
  • Contact Telephone Number
  • Reason for request to Defer or Reduce payments

You may be eligible for a 90-day deferral of your monthly payments or a reduced monthly payment. All monthly contract payments must be current through March 10, 2020, or, the modification cannot be made. All amendments to payments will be made and effective as of your April 2020 contract payment.

Once your request for deferral or payment reduction is submitted and received, you will be sent an amendment to your contract outlining the terms of your payment deferral or reduction. Once you have signed and returned the amendment to Highland Capital, the amendment to your contract terms should be made within 3-4 business days from the receipt of your request.

Should you qualify for the above, HCC will agree to defer your monthly payment, while still supporting the debt associated with your contract. As such, we will incur additional interest costs on a daily basis throughout the deferral period, and those costs in turn will be added to the remaining term of your contract. Therefore, as a result of the amendment, your monthly payments may increase. Additionally, all accounts with ACH (auto-debit) payments will have their ACH suspended during the deferral/reduction period. ACH will then resume on the payment due date following the deferral/reduction period.

Highland Capital Corporation is working closely with the guidelines set-forth by federal regulators at this time and will continue to monitor federal guidelines for any changes.

Please send your request to customerservice@highlandcc.com.

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